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New Year New Logo

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Recently, 2017 began, Get Holiday celebrated with family and friends who, taking advantage of the Christmas holidays, have come to visit us. These brief periods of relaxation have brought us new ideas and many good resolutions. One of our goals was related to our image and in particular to that of our blog. We had the need for a positive change that followed the style of our company and that represented our link with Tenerife, the island that welcomed us.

Thus a new image is born that will accompany us in the coming years.

And what do you think?

Another aim has been to create a company blog and here it is: this is our first article. A blog where we will voice all your enquiries. A useful place, where we will publish information and advice related to the Canarian archipelago and particularly to the island of Tenerife.

Tenerife conquered and thrilled us and just as it was for us, we will try to transmit this passion to all those who choose us every day.

Our year has begun. Some good resolutions achieved and many await us.
Our best wish for you is that you can achieve and bring all your good intentions to a good end.

Bon voyage and if you pass through Tenerife do not hesitate to contact us and if you are curious … We will see you in the next article.