In these times dominated by COVID-19 we are going to know all the necessary information and the protocols to follow during your trip to Tenerife.

Your holiday in Tenerife

If you are going on holiday to Tenerife in the next few days, in this link you will find all the current restrictions for Tenerife.

“All” travelers, staying in tourist facilities on the island, must present the negative outcome of the Covid-19 test (mandatory) during check-in.

Download the RadarCOVID application on your mobile, it will warn you of the risk of exposure to COVID-19 based on your location. (required)

General preventive measures against Covid-19

The Government of the Canary Islands has updated the prevention measures against Covid-19 to prevent its spread. Let’s go and list them:


Mandatory use of face-masks:

In public spaces, both on public roads, in open spaces and in any space closed for public use, or open to the public, regardless of maintaining the interpersonal safety distance of 2 meters.
In the establishments and services of hotels and restaurants, including bars and cafes, the obligation to wear a mask is excluded only when taking food or drinks.
Correct use of the mask is mandatory and must completely cover the nose and mouth at all times.
In the workplace.

The use of face-masks is not mandatory:

In natural or open spaces outside built-up areas, as long as the influx of people allows for a safety interpersonal distance of at least 2 meters to be maintained and only for individual sports.
On the beach and in the pool during bathing and staying in a specific area, without moving, as long as compliance with the interpersonal safety distance between all users is guaranteed. In any case, the use of the mask will be mandatory in the entrances, movements and walks that take place in these spaces and structures.

The owners of the establishments and premises must ensure compliance with these obligations in the same.

The use of the mask is recommended in private spaces in case of meetings of people from different centers of coexistence.

For all those who cannot use the mask, it is forbidden to participate in mass events and demonstrations.

Safety distance and capacity

The minimum distance between people who do not live together is 2 meters.
The freedom of movement of people is restricted at night from 11pm to 6am every day.
The capacity will be 75% in the case of medical or health services.
The stay in groups of people is limited to a maximum of 6 people both in spaces for public and private use, closed or outdoors, except in the case of cohabitants. If the group includes both cohabiting and non-cohabiting people, it will not exceed 6 people.
In hotels, restaurants, terraces, bars and cafes, the maximum number of diners per table will be 4 people.
In weddings and other types of religious or civil celebrations, it is set at one third of the authorized capacity, while it will be 50% for celebrations that take place outdoors, setting a maximum number of 20 people in open spaces and 10 at Closed.
Casinos, gambling halls, bingo halls, recreation rooms, betting houses and other venues and similar recreational gaming facilities will have a maximum capacity of 50%.
Smoking, tobacco inhalation devices, water pipes, hookahs or similar are not permitted in entertainment, leisure, hotels and restaurants, including terraces. Smoking is not allowed on public roads.
The sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages on public roads is prohibited. Gatherings for alcohol consumption (botellones) are prohibited



If during your trip to Tenerife you notice any symptoms that could suggest that you are infected, such as cough, fever or difficulty breathing; We recommend that you proceed as follows:

Isolate yourself in a room for single use with a window, with a closed door and, if possible, a private bathroom. If this is not possible, maintain a safety distance of 2 meters with the rest of the cohabitants and maximize hygiene.

Call the COVID-19 information telephone number set up by the Canary Islands government +34 900 112 061 if you speak Spanish, or 112 to receive assistance in English, where, depending on your situation, they will notify you.

If you need to know the data, updated daily, of the coronavirus infections accumulated in the Canary Islands and Tenerife compared to the rest of Europe.